High Speed Packing Machine

High speed Automatic Packing machine – JW600

This is an all automatic, high accuracy weighing and packing machine for packing granules & powders.

Key Features: The all automatic process consists of the following;

  • Feeding
  • Dosing
  • Bag making
  • Filling through automatic check weighing method for precision & accurate measure
  • Bag sealing
  • Inline Batch code & Date printing
  • Finished product conveying

Other features:

  • Almost no manual handling
  • Uses computer controlled intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature for a good sealing
  • Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and touch screen to compose the drive control centre, which maximize the whole machine's control precision & reliability
  • Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products, it is unnecessary to reset
  • Can handle a variety of packaging material for pillow bags and hanging bags
  • Stainless steel build for thorough cleaning & decontamination