BUDPAK Automatic Valve Packing Machine

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Want accuracy every time with your chemical packaging? The BUDPAK Automatic Valve Packing Machine uses load cells and a weight controller to ensure accuracy every time. Able to package most products into valve bags, no matter the consistency, BUDPAK is a completely self-contained bagging machine.


  • The BUDPAK valve bagger is a totally self-contained bagging system.
  • The machine is suitable for packing most types of products including dry, granular, lumpy, crushed or powdered products into valve bags.
  • Screw conveyor fed, this packing machine works based on digital weighing technology and pneumatic control.
  • The bag spout is fully suspended on precision load cells and dedicated weight controller which ensures that accuracy is achieved every time.
  • Together they produce reliable and accurate packing solutions.

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