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November 3, 2017
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Powder Blending Services That Will Improve Your Business

Chemical Solutions not only strive to create the most effective chemical products on the Australian market, but we also want our clients to achieve greatness in their field.  To ensure that your organisation is leading the way in your industry, Chemical Solutions provide our clients with a wide range of powder blending services to create unique liquid and powder products made for them. Every client we work with has specific needs to perform their duties, therefore we create chemical products with their specifications in mind.

Chemical Solutions use advanced chemical blending equipment that is designed to create products that will meet our clients’ required specifications. Our state-of-the-art facilities and processes to ensure that our products can be used for agricultural, construction, industrial cleaning, and other applications.

What we use to help your business thrive

Along with our many years of experience in handling various types of chemicals, Chemical Solutions perform our powder blending services by using some of the most sophisticated chemical mixing machinery available. We use 5,000 litre stainless steel tanks that have full tank width rotary agitation blades that are designed to quickly and efficiently disperse solid materials. This includes turning starches into slurries and the dissolution of pellets or granules into solutions. These tanks can handle very corrosive materials and other dangerous goods. Our blenders are capable of blending large volumes of liquids quickly to meet production standards and deadlines.

Chemical Solutions can perform different types of powder blending services. We can use a 5,000 litre Nauta Mixer for larger or continuous blends of chemicals. However, we can also utilise our 80,000 litre silo for homogenous powder blending services. Whatever your needs are, we are available to blend various types of chemicals in order to later pack them into bulk, drums, bags, and other forms of packaging that we provide. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate for them in order to help your business succeed.

Blend our chemicals with your success today

Is your company looking for customised powder blending services? Contact Chemical Solutions today on 1300 708 558 so our chemicals can be blended to create a winning formula just for you.