How to Improve Storage of Raw Materials with a Chemical Crusher
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April 12, 2017
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April 13, 2017

How To Improve Storage of Raw Materials with a Chemical Crusher

Factories are always needing more storage space for their materials and equipment, as this space often fills up quickly. A common cause of where too much space is being used up is when chemicals harden and become lumpy due to during being in storage for an extended period of time or being transported over a long distance.

Production always needs to keep going due to high demand, and Chemical Solutions can help. Large quantities of raw materials goes through factories every single day, and it is critical that there is plenty of space available in order to store these materials as need be, and that can be achieved with a chemical crusher.

More storage will benefit your business

Chemical Solutions are able to use our chemical crusher machines to crush hardened chemicals to get them back into their original form so it can be used for manufacturing again. By breaking down these hardened materials ranging from 25kg bags to 1,000kg bulk bags for chemicals, this will increase the amount of storage bags available for your business to use for even more materials to be stored.

This process is done by mechanically raking the product through sizing screens, and the chemicals are then crushed to or reduced to granules, crystals, or in powdered form. This practice allows our clients to repack chemicals into any type of packaging as required, and products can be more easily used in other manufacturing processes and more saleable.

Types of chemicals that can be crushed:

  • Class 4 (goods that are flammable, spontaneously combustible)
  • Class 5 (oxidising agents)
  • Class 6 (poisons)
  • Class 8 (corrosives)

Create more storage space today

For more information on how your business can benefit from a chemical crusher, please contact Chemical Solutions at 1300 708 558 and our expert staff will deliver.