Chemical Contract Manufacturing Services and Solutions

You can always rely on the team at Chemical Solutions to provide quality-controlled and tested contract chemical manufacturing services. We have experience with various clients and industries throughout Australia and have been continuously improving our processes for over twenty years. We deliver results.

As a specialty chemical contract manufacturing company, we can provide customised solutions to satisfy your specific requirements. If you are not sure if we are able to assist you, get in touchwith our team to discuss your product requirements and project aspirations.

Simply contact us today to discuss your needs and one of our professionals will be able to discuss the process with you.

Onsite Processing

At Chemical Solutions, we are a leading provider of chemical contract manufacturing, customised repacking, handling and storage services for over two decades. We are licensed to produce a range of dangerous goods and other products and abide by stringent safety regulations and standards to ensure that all dangerous materials are handled appropriately and safely.

Our trained, experienced personnel have access to specialist equipment, modern laboratory facilities and are able to provide the following services:



Mechanically rake and crush products back into their base forms. We are also able to crush dangerous goods.

Sieving and Filtering

Sieve Machine

We can help you add value to your products by filtering raw materials to remove foreign particles and more.

Paste and Putty Manufacture

To create putties and paste we have the powerful mixers and other specialist equipment to disperse all required materials while treating dangerous goods and corrosive with utmost care.


Chemical Repacking

Do you need to convert a product to make it easier to sell or more convenient to store? Our team can offer a range of options in terms of repacking goods.

Toll Manufacture

Toll Manufacturing

Blending, mixing and reacting to formulations are all popular toll manufacturing processes with us because we have the facilities and the experience to provide adaptable solutions for your supply chain.


Agricultural, construction and cleaning industries, just to name a few, benefit from our chemical powder blending capabilities.

Packing of Liquids and Powders

Packing of Liquids and Powders

We can repackage liquids, pastes or powders into any size and type of container — from road tankers to packets of just a few grams

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Our contract manufacturing services cater to the individual needs of our clients, providing the highest standards of service. Give us a call today on 1300 708 558; we are Australia’s best chemical contract manufacturing company.