Powder Blending Services

Chemical Solutions provides a range of powder blending services to help you formulate, blend, package and label various liquid and powder products. Whether you are an experienced retailer looking to perfect a winning formula or are just looking to produce a new product, let the team at Chemical Solutions help you achieve greatness.

We have access to advanced chemical blending equipment and strive to maintain state-of-the-art facilities and processes to ensure that you receive a product that meets your preferred specifications.

We currently manufacture custom chemicals and can also perform custom toll blending for a variety of industries including: agriculture, construction and industrial cleaning. We produce based on our customers’ individual requirements and specifications and can assist in the development of new formulations.

We can assist you in everything from the formulation of the chemicals via our powder blending services, while safeguarding your intellectual property and other critical interests.

Blending of Corrosive Liquids and Manufacture of Slurries

5,000 litre stainless steel tanks with full tank width rotary agitation blades ensures quick and efficient dispersal of solid material such as starches into slurries and the dissolution of pellets or granules into solutions i.e. urea pellets. These vessels are capable of handling most corrosive materials and other dangerous goods. Our blenders have the capacity to blend a large volume of liquid at a rapid pace.

All manner of chemical substances, including powder, can be blended, including dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals. For larger or continuous blends, we use our 5,000 litre Nauta Mixer, or we can incorporate our 80,000 litre silo and a splitting/blending method when absolute homogeneity is required. Our powder blending services include be packing into a variety of packages such as bulk, drums, 25 bags or lesser packages.

Specialised Toll Chemicals

To learn more about our powder blending services, contact us today or our team on 1300 708 558.