Sieving & Filtering Chemicals

Typically, sieving and filtering is an essential process in terms of quality assurance for chemical manufacturing. Chemical products should be thoroughly refined or segregated before they enter the next production stage so that the end results are pure and satisfactory.

Attention to detail is crucial when adding value to your products. Our trained and experienced personnel operate in a modern facility and use specialised machinery. We follow stringent methodologies and processes to ensure that you benefit from our services.

Consider the benefits of sieving and filtering raw materials to optimise your ROI.

  1. Agriculture
  2. Produce quality herbicides and other formulations with the best chemicals available. Minimise any trace of foreign particles to strengthen the potency of your products.

  3. Cleaning
  4. Ensure that your solvents, soaps and other washing liquids contain active ingredients that are as pure as possible for optimal results.

The Particulars of Sieving and Filtering with Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions can cater to all of your sieving and filtering requirements. We can add value to your products by sieving your raw materials through screens down to 250µm. This process is completed to eliminate any oversized particles and to screen off any foreign materials. A multi deck 48" vibratory stainless steel sieve enables Chemical Solutions to screen out any fractions and separates particles size down to 250 µm (0.25 mm).

Sieve Machine

The multi-deck stainless steel vessel can also be used with a single layer or multi-layer screening deck. The process enables the non-destructive sieving of products to remove oversized particles/fines or both, from the material and collect separately. Any size screen greater than 250µm may be added to the deck for any particular job.

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