Why Your Business Should Consider Chemical Repacking Hazardous Materials
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April 13, 2017
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Why You Should Consider Chemical Repacking Hazardous Materials

There are many OH&S issues to be considered when dealing with certain raw materials such as chemicals, and this can be dangerous to your staff. However, Chemical Solutions specialise in chemical repacking, toll manufacturing, sieving and filtering, and more, saving your company time and preventing certain practical issues from slowing down production.

Chemical repacking is usually completed along with other complementary services such as blending, crushing, milling and sieving. Chemical Solutions can also provide storage for dangerous goods and other non-hazardous substances; this will be very beneficial for your worksite as you would then have more room for more goods or equipment to work with.

The advantages of chemical repacking

There are many reasons why businesses would benefit from liaising with Chemical Solutions for chemical repacking. We are able to rebrand and repackage your products in compliance with your brand so it will stand out as your product and they will be designed with the specifications you request. These products will comply with local dangerous goods and hazardous packaging legislation, such as reducing the weight of handling packages.

Methods of handling hazardous materials

Chemical Solutions are can supply our clients with water soluble bags for handling dangerous goods. Suppliers that cannot source product in their preferred format should contact our team to toll or contract repack the relevant materials into the required packs.

Chemical Solutions has a variety of stock packages (bags, pails etc.) available for dangerous goods and hazardous and non-hazardous products. Our machinery can handle between 1kg-25kg packaging solutions, giving you flexibility in the physical handling and packaging of the products, as well as how to store and transport them.

Safely have your materials packed today

For more information on how Chemical Solutions can assist your business in chemical repacking in a safe manner, please call us today at 1300 708 558..